Hi, I'm Adam Jacques.

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I'm a Digital & UX Designer, based in Manchester, UK.

Currently looking for new positions!

Check out my CV here & let's chat! 📧 Email or LinkendIn.

My passion is creative problem solving, deconstructing tricky problems and building clean, scalable solutions.

I love working in Figma and XD. Creating interactive prototypes helps stakeholders relate more to end users and promotes imaginative and creative feedback.

I also like to bridge the gap between designers & developers. Often, these teams will have very different directives and targets, which can sometimes make it difficult for Creative to get their work live. I like to help alleviate that through smart working solutions or just helping departments communicate more effectively.

  • Graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2013.
  • Spent 5 years at Missguided as Multimedia Designer & Developer.
  • Moved to The Dining Club group for a few months before covid dropped.
  • Freelance for 6 Months, worked with Facetheory, Spectrum Studios, Cork & Canvas...
  • Joined The Modern Milkman, as UX Designer, redesigning their website.
  • Currently at THG Studios as a Digital Designer.
King Street Townhouse - Animation Concepts

Animation concepts put forward for KSTH Gym & Spa landing page.

Hale Country Club - Social Media

An example of a social media brief for Hale Country Club.

Showreel 2021

Showreel made during my job hunt in 2020.


Facetheory are an emerging vegan skincare company from the UK. They wanted to raise awareness for their new product line through social...

The Modern Milkman

Interim website redesign for TMM.

French Toast Lessons

Wordpress theme and general overhaul of French Toast's website.

Spectrum Studios

Web design and prototyping for Spectrum Studios, a new photography studio opening soon in Manchester.

Gourmet Society

Instagram Adverts for Gourmet Society's January campaign.


An app explainer video for Checkd.media

The Dining Club Showreel

A compilation of social media videos created for The Dining Club group.

Cork & Canvas

Branding, site & event poster for a new event in manchester, Cork & Canvas.

Missguided - Wordpress Blog

Web development project for Missguided.

Missguided Showreel

A quick compilation of some of my video editing, titling and post production work I produced whilst at Missguided.

Digital Illustration

Some digital illustrations from around 2015 while I was studying at Uni.

Murals & Walls

Some artwork from over the years, using different mediums and experimenting.

Ishii Prints

A small brand I ran from around 2012 - 2015.


Chopping up books & magazines.